Driekwart Groen is a Belgian independent ecological consultant agency which creates and provides original, sustainable and comprehensive concepts for nature and landscape planning, development, management and reconstruction. The agency works with fully qualified ecology consultants and has a lot of practical experience. We offer all kinds of ecological services, such as:
  • Expert advice on a broad range of conservation and landscaping issues
  • Nature orientated land and forest management
  • Ecological impact and risk assessments, case studies and best practice guidelines
  • Ecological mitigation schemes and compensation plans
  • Wildlife habitat restoration and (re)creation
  • Landscape management, planning, development and restoration
  • Creation of ecological corridors and migration routes
  • Urban en suburban ecological developments
  • Planning and implementation of biodiversity and species action plans
  • Sustainable, practical solutions for wildlife problems
  • Conservation management and planning
  • Project support for developers, architects, construction contractors and land- and woodland managers
  • Design and implementation of exclusive nature and landscape concepts and biodiversity improvements
  • Ecological knowledge management, sharing and guidance
  • Preparing ecological evidence and providing expert witness services for public inquiries
  • Best ways of working and in implications of legislative and planning constraints
We work at all scales – domestic to regional. Our clients range from national and regional to local authorities, industrial and commercial companies, private and public landowners, developers and non-profit organisations.